Programme overview

Thursday 6th
8.00-9.00 FOYER registration, coffee
9.00-9.15 KLEINE ZAAL opening by general chair and the mayor of Nijmegen
9.15-10.30 KLEINE ZAAL invited talk by Marc Pollefeys
10.30-11.00 KEIZER KAREL FOYER coffee break
11.00-12.15 LEEUWZAAL session 1a — AI for Games and Education
KLEINE ZAAL session 1b — Evolutionary Algorithms
ANNAZAAL session 1c — Simulation
12.15-13.30 KEIZER KAREL FOYER lunch
ANNAZAAL KION meeting (for KION members)
13.30-14.00 KLEINE ZAAL NWO NAI presentation
14.00-15.15 LEEUWZAAL session 2a — Machine Learning I
KLEINE ZAAL session 2b — Planning and Scheduling
ANNAZAAL session 2c — Multi-Agent Systems
15.15-15.45 KEIZER KAREL FOYER coffee break
15.45-17.00 LEEUWZAAL session 3a — Machine Learning II
KLEINE ZAAL session 3b — Knowledge Representation
ANNAZAAL session 3c — Logic and AI I
17.00-18.00 KEIZER KAREL FOYER reception and drinks
18.00-21.00 KEIZER KAREL FOYER conference buffet
Friday 7th
8.00-9.00 FOYER registration, coffee
9.00-10.15 KLEINE ZAAL invited talk by Simon Colton
10.15-10.45 FOYER coffee break
10.45-12.00 FOYER demo- and postersession
12.00-13.30 FOYER lunch
ANNAZAAL BNVKI meeting (12.15-13.15)
13.30-14.45 LEEUWZAAL session 4a — Ontologies and Semantic Web
ANNAZAAL session 4b — Intelligent Agents
SOCIETEITSKAMER session 4c — Logic and AI II
14.45-15.15 KEIZER KAREL FOYER coffee break
15.15-16.30 LEEUWZAAL session 5a — AI for Robotics
ANNAZAAL session 5b — Learning and Search
16.30-17.00 ANNAZAAL award winners & closing of the conference